On February 4, a case was brought before Judge Shannon Holmes for sentencing. This case involved a 3-year-old named Jamila Smith who was neglected by her mother, 24-year-old Jasmine Gordon, and her boyfriend 33-year-old Clifford Daniel Thomas. The little girl subsequently died as a result of their action, or in this case, lack thereof.

Last September the child was rushed to the hospital because she wasn’t breathing. When Gordon was asked multiple times about what had happened by an emergency medical technician, she refused to answer.

Prosecutors believe that the child had over 50 injuries at the time of her death, and none of them could have been self-inflicted, even though the defense tried to justify them as such. As Judge Holmes “paints a picture” for the courtroom she can barely hide the disgust that she’s feeling towards the child’s parents.

Smith suffered injuries that included internal bleeding in the head and stomach along with a torn pancreas about seven days before she died. According to the medical examiner, she would have been in extreme pain because of the injury to her pancreas. But yet, they waited to bring her to the hospital.

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According to Jamila’s father, Dwayne Smith, Gordon replied to “look at the police report, she ran into wall,” after he inquired about his daughter’s death.

When Judge Holmes talks about watching the police interview DVDs supplied to her from the prosecution she states “…I watch a lot of ID Station and I got confused because I thought I was watching the ID Station,” she continues, “Mr. Thomas, you’re a wonderful actor.” Judge Holmes then goes on to recount Thomas’ work of fiction interview with authorities in which he noticed the little girl wasn’t breathing when she was in the backseat of his car, while he was driving 75mph, talking on the phone, and how he reached back to try and administer CPR to the child during his multitasking.

She then turns her attention to Gordon, recounting her interview in which she stated that she knew the child sustained a head injury but didn’t go to the hospital because she had had some Moscato and marijuana on her. “UNBELIEVABLE!” Holmes exclaimed.

After stating that she was withholding bond at the end of her speech, the Judge said “I wish you all the very best. And I’m really being sarcastic.”

We can’t say we disagree.

Gordon was charged with felony murder, second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and second-degree child abuse. Thomas was charged with the same but has added resisting and obstructing a police officer to his list.

You can watch Judge Holmes complete verbal smack down here:

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