See The Lethality Of U.S. Special Forces During Heavy Close Quarters Comba

Viewer discretion is advised, there is some serious ass kicking on this video. It has been said that when these guys come for you, you die. Plain and simple. Just ask Osama Bin Laden. U.S. Special Forces don’t play.

They are given a target, launched, and it’s practically a done deal. That’s a scary thought for the enemy. It’s the main reason why you don’t want to piss off America and why enemies of freedom and liberty have turned to cowardly asymmetric tactics when facing our troops.

In this video, 7th Special Forces Group with Chilean Navy Special Forces perform close quarters combat training. As with all U.S. Armed Forces related training, realism is a maxim. You train like you fight, no quarrels about it. And boy can these guys kick some butt. The best. And as they say, mess with the best and die like the rest.

Source: AmericanMilitaryNews

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