Hotel Clerk Thinks Fast to Protect Himself from Robbery | Active Self Protection

Active Self-Protection presents a video where the hotel clerk thinks fast to protect himself from robbery. John says this lesson comes out of Orange, Texas. This is one of the weirder armed robberies that he’s seen so far, he says.

The video teaches how to use distance effectively, particularly counters when it comes to armed robberies. It also teaches to stay cool under pressure, and to use the environment in order to get out of the danger zone.

In the clip, the guy behind the counter is working the night shift, and the time stamp says 11:30 at night. He opens the door for a guy who comes in and up to the counter. The guy appears to be asking questions, like a normal customer. Everything seems alright, and the guy suddenly leaves, like the person behind the counter couldn’t answer his questions.

But then the guy comes back, and pulls a big knife out from behind his back, and points it over the counter. The clerk slowly backs all the way up out of reach, out of the camera’s frame. It looks like he went into a back office, and the assailant goes over to the counter and tries to enter the office. He kicks the door, but nothing happens, so he finally leaves. Presumably, the clerk called the cops.

When it comes to pre-attack cues, there’s not a lot present. The attacker really seems like a normal customer, up until he leaves. The clerk was obviously paying attention, watching the guy go out and come back in. He uses the counter between them to his advantage, and it gives him a little more time and distance.

John says he does something good here by slowly moving out of the danger zone, even if the attacker appears to be warning him to stay still. Getting out of the situation is always the best thing to do, and John recommends having a back-up plan, in case the guy was strong enough to kick the door down. But this shows that you don’t always have to have a tool for self-defense. If you can get out, do so.

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